All My Belongings- Week 1

4 Oct

Weekend Teaching Series: All My Belongings

Sermon Title: Where Do I Belong?

Sermon in a Sentence: Where does the world say I belong, and where does God say I belong?

Bible Verses Used: 1 John 2:15-17, Col 3:10, Matt 22:33-40, Romans 8:15-17

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 6 out of 10

Attendance: 43 up by 8%

Service Length: 60min

Understandable Message: Though we all Belong to “Groups” of people, we have all felt alone in a crowd at one time or another. The world tells us that we need to be accepted , and gives us empty promises of how to achieve our desires. It offers cravings, that can not be satisfied, and ultimately leave us feeling broken and alone. We are beautiful and valuable, and God loved us so much that He died for us. Matt 22:33-40 talks about loving others as ourselves, but if we don’t love ourselves we cant really love someone else. Many of the ladies, could not look in the mirror and say,”I am beautiful, and I am valuable.” The fact is many girls today, do not feel beautiful, and do not think they are valuable. The world sets a standard that is impossible to achieve. You have to look like this, drive this, own this, and wear this. If you don’t, well you just don’t fit in. It was really sad seeing in their eyes, they don’t feel beautiful, or possibly valuable. The guys laughed when saying it, I think we lose testosterone points saying that we are beautiful! But that is how God sees us, beautiful and valuable. If He didn’t He wouldn’t have created us, and certainly would not have died for us.

Grade: B

Volunteer/Student Involvement: Jayne taught JHM Laurie helped keep the peace. I taught HSM.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Played a groups game where student found others that were in similar groups as themselves. (Jocks, Preps, Band People, etc.) Everyone saw that they are part of a group, if not many groups. Most of which they choose to be a part of.

Music Playlist: Music played on the iPod during the hang out time

Favorite Moment: Some of the students reactions, in their eyes, when I told them they are beautiful, and they are valued.


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