Gospel Journey 5

17 Sep

Wednesday Teaching Series: Gospel Journey

Sermon Title: Session 5

Sermon in a Sentence: Everyone who believes in Him alone has life that’s eternal.

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 4 out of 10. So good to see leaders taking charge!

Attendance: 47 Down 2% from last week

Service Length: 90min

Understandable Message: Some great discussions in groups. One of the questions brought up was how can we trust that the Bible we have today is the same as the one originally written? I love it when all the canned Christian responses go out the door and students get real with what they are struggling with.

Grade: B

Volunteer/Student Involvement: Daniel on the tech board. Tina, Rees, Sherry, Roni, and Laurie lead small group discussions.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Game of clumps

Music Playlist: Band played intro of Back in Black, a Beatles song I can’t remember, and Strong Tower.

Favorite Moment: One of our students who had been coming through out the Gospel Journey, was a self proclaimed Wiccan. I say was…did you catch that? She accepted Christ!! Cool thing was she did it on Sat., and then on tonight’s session the Wiccan student, accepted Christ. She thought that was so cool. I must say so do I!

Bomb of the Night: I forgot to get out the lemonade!! I made it, and left it in the kitchen!!


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