Trusting God- Week 1

13 Sep

Weekend Teaching Series: Trusting God

Sermon Title: Trusting God with my past

Sermon in a Sentence: God not only forgives He forgets!

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 5 out of 10

Attendance: 36

Service Length: 60min

Understandable Message: Once we ask for forgiveness, He grants it to us. We don’t have to live in the chains of guilt any longer. Once we have been freed from sin, why would we ever want to go back?

Grade: B+

Volunteer/Student Involvement: Rees taught JHM today

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Started a new format today, giving the students about 10min in the beginning to eat (donuts) and download the weekend with their friends. This helped get the talking out in the beginning, and they were more engaging during the lesson. After we played a fun game of Blind Samurai and Ninja

Music Playlist: N/A, iPod would not play on TV!?

Favorite Moment: When students realized that they have a testimony, even if they weren’t involved in gangs or knocking over liquor stores. That even students that grew up in the church have a powerful testimony…they managed to stay on the narrow path even though the world tried to pull them through the wide gate.


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