The Nines- Leadership Summit

9 Sep

Some great speakers in this online leadership conference. I could not blog them all, but hopefully the ones below will be a blessing to your ministry and to your life.

Scott Hodge- Take time to clearly hear God’s voice. Learn how to get quite, journal, reflect, or just sitting in silence. The moment you stop hearing Gods voice is the moment you should stop leading. Are you hearing from God? (take breaks, make time and stick to it. Are you giving the best part of my day?) Are you doing whatever it takes to obey God?

Perry Noble- A movement of God can not be planned but it must be prepared for. We cant duplicate the Holy Spirit in another church. This is NOT our church, this is His church. Leadership is as easy as listening to God. Do you have the right people, in the right places, doing the right things? What are we doing to prepare for God’s movement in our church?

Skye Jethani Daisy cutter doctrine. It’s the lie that the larger our impact the more legitimate we are in ministry. If its not big than you are not legitimate, and that’s a lie.

Steve Robinson- Leading in times of pressure. Pressure and stress reveal where you are. When you are squeezed, what comes out? Learn to stand in faith to relay on the word of God. The peace of God is not dependent on what is going on around. It times of stress, step out in faith, go forward!

Stacy Spencer- Don’t give up on people when they fall, especially in ministry. Don’t look down on people unless its to give them a hand to help them up! Help those who cant help themselves. Do for people what you would want them to do for you. Use your church resources to help people who are stuck.

Dino Rizzo Know Christ in all areas of your life, and to make Him known. Know the people that you serve. Know your partnerships. Know the poor in your community.

Steven Furtick When you are facing a dry time, and you are where God wants you to be, its God wanting to move you to a new level. He has another assignment for you.

Craig Groeschel To reach people no one is reaching you have to do what no one is doing. See yourself as a spiritual innovator.

Leonard Sweet- How do you deal with a BIG head? Confidence and humility – humble your confidence, and have confident humility. The solution to a BIG head is to have a BIG heart.

Greg Surratt Innovation process. Its OK to sit on the pity potty with out sitting to long and getting ring around the hiney! If nothing were impossible what could we accomplish? Ask barrier breaking questions. Collect innovative ideas. You do it until it doesn’t work anymore.

Rick Rusaw How can we best church for the community? First look at your community, and how can you influence and serve them? Don’t be the BEST church in the community, be the BEST church for the community!

David Swanson- Our greatest strengths can be our greatest weaknesses. A good communicator notices that people follow him, and that can lead to an inflated ego. Eph 5:27 Nothing we do as leaders should ever wound the bride. Find accountability with another to make sure you are spending time with God, and not just in the Word to produce a message. What are you doing to nurture your wife and your family? We nurture those in our flock, we need to nurture our family. What are you doing in private that needs to have a light shined upon it? Get some accountability!

Bill Cornelius- Power of mentoring. Read books from others, from practitioners, who are doing it. Go to the right conferences, not just the popular conferences. Find direct, personal coaching from leaders and pastors. Line up meetings with leaders who are right in front of you. Take leaders to lunch and go where they are. Do what they tell you to do before you meet with them again! Pray for your mentors and let them know.

Brad Bell- What does it mean to be a disciple? Don’t just read for message prep, read for yourself! Take care of yourself! Unplug from ministry sometimes, eat right, workout, get a massage, no one cares about your schedule like you do. Make time. If you neglect your inner life you are going to flame out! Set yourself up for the long haul. Take care of your marriage. Recognize the greatest church you pastor is your home.

Ed Stetzer Mission is the opposite of self. You have to consistently make it about God and not about ourselves. The heart can create idols. Pastors on mission focus on God’s glory and His mission. Focus on the work of the Lord NOT the lord of the work. Isaiah 6:8 Encounter God so we can be on mission for Him, so we can lead others to be on mission for God. Those on mission reflect being with God. 2 Corinthians 3:16-18 Those on mission no longer live for themselves. 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 Make it about Jesus. Mission is the opposite of self.

Shawn Wood- Creative people in your church how to use them effectively. GEAR
G – Guardrails – time – budget – as leader we must set the guardrails. Scarcity on both of those.
E – Expectations – at the end of journey – what is expected. Making those clear. Leader problem in not making themselves clear as to end result.
A – Accountability. What is the deadline and who does what by when?

R – Review – not to fix the past but to help us be more creative in the future.

So much great information, wish I could watch all day…but there is lessons to plan!! Fusion tonight!


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