Bulls Eye Living- Week 4

6 Sep

Weekend Teaching Series: Bulls Eye Living

Sermon Title: Living My Life’s Purpose

Sermon in a Sentence: How do I live out my faith for the long haul?

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 5 out of 10

Attendance: 42

Service Length: 60min

Understandable Message: I think from the reaction of the students that it was pretty straight forward.

Grade: B

Volunteer/Student Involvement: Jayne in JHM, Rees helped in HSM.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Played a minefield game. Two teams, one person from each team is blindfolded and has to make it across the room with out stepping on playing cards spread on the floor. Teammates gave verbal directions, while leaders moved cards and shouted false commands. Students came up with the 3 hardest things. Being blindfolded- Having a goal, but no plan to get there. Cards being moved- Life throws some curves at you. Too many voices- Knowing which one(s) to listen to.

Music Playlist: N/A

Favorite Moment: Students understanding:
You need to train to finish the race- Your faith is a marathon, not a sprint
Plan for endurance- Don’t graduate your faith when you graduate from school
Develop Skill- Bible study and prayer
Train with the right people- Accountability
Rely on the coach- Listen to God


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