Gospel Journey Week 3

3 Sep

Wednesday Teaching Series: Gospel Journey

Sermon Title: Session 3

Sermon in a Sentence: Sins can not be replaced by good deeds.

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 6 out of 10 Great night, such a change from last week.

Attendance: 52

Service Length: 90min

Understandable Message: Tonight Greg Stier talked about how we can not live up to the 10 commandments. No matter how hard we try, they are like a mirror, showing us God’s perfect standard. We talked about a cake that gets burned, and we try to cover it up with frosting to make it look pretty, and appetizing. On the outside it looks perfect, but on the inside its still burned. That’s us! We change are outward appearance, but on the inside we are still broken, we are still dirty, we are still covered in sin. God sees whats on the inside, He sees our heart and what our true desires are. Much like that pretty cake, God sees the burnt cake under the frosting. Tonight’s video ended on a little downer, so we started to dive into next weeks message. In the Old Testament God demanded a blood sacrifice to cover our sins. It must have gotten really bloody and expensive! The covering was only temporary, until they sinned again. I would be broke inside of a week! BUT God sent the ultimate sacrifice, the perfect sacrifice, one sacrifice to cover all of our sins. Past, present and future. Tonight we had 4 students come to Jesus to be the covering for their sins. Such an awesome thing to see!

Grade: B+

Volunteer/Student Involvement: Jeremy on the tech board. Tina, Rees, Sherry, Roni, and Laurie lead small group discussions. The YM band played and sounded awesome!!! Chad tore up a solo on the guitar!! Rees lead Kajabi Can Can with prizes for the winner of both rounds. We celebrated a birthday tonight with cupcakes and lemonade, thanks Laurie for hooking us up!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Band, and lemonade!

Music Playlist:

Favorite Moment: 4 students accepting Christ!


One Response to “Gospel Journey Week 3”

  1. JamieKay September 3, 2009 at 2:03 PM #

    Chris, That is SOO AWESOME! How big is the celebration in heaven right now over my new 4 brothers and sisters! I look forward to seeing what God does through their lives! Jamie

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