Caffeine drinks may hurt teens

1 Sep

Teenagers guzzling caffeine drinks might be causing themselves long-term damage, research shows.

A Canterbury University master’s project by Nika Anderson investigated the effects of caffeine consumption on adolescent brain development in rats.

During middle and later adulthood, the 27 male and 27 female rats treated with caffeine were “probably more emotionally reactive” than the untreated control rats.

They were less mobile and defecated and urinated more than the other rats.

“Overall, the results suggest that exposure to caffeine during adolescence produces some small but significant increases in emotionality in adulthood,” the study said.

The findings “may have clinical implications”, because it was possible that adolescents exposed to caffeine would also show increased anxiety later in life.

A further study this year had raised concern about energy drinks having a high potential to cause acute caffeine toxicity.

CLICK HERE for more from John Hartevelt’s article


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