Gospel Journey Week 2

27 Aug

Wednesday Teaching Series: Gospel Journey

Sermon Title: Session 2

Sermon in a Sentence: Our sins separate us from God

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 10 out of 10 Rough Rough night…the kind of night that makes you think, why am I doing this?! Had to bring in the 3R’s Request, Re-seat and Remove. Praying next week goes better so I don’t have to call parents.

Attendance: 44

Service Length: 94min

Understandable Message: Tonight Greg Stier talked about our sin separates us from God.

Grade: B

Volunteer/Student Involvement: Jeremy and Daniel(students) on the tech board. Tina, Rees, Sherry, Haley(student), Roni, and Laurie lead small group discussions. The YM band played and sounded awesome!!!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Band, and lemonade!

Music Playlist: Strong Tower- Kutless, Beatles Song…can’t remember the title!

Favorite Moment: Despite the distractions God still moved, 6 students accepting Christ!


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