Gospel Journey Week 1

20 Aug

Wednesday Teaching Series: Gospel Journey

Sermon Title: Session 1

Sermon in a Sentence: God created us to be with Him.

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 5 out of 10

Attendance: 68

Service Length: 90min

Understandable Message: Tonight Greg Stier posed the question is there a creator or was all of this part of evolution? If there is a God who is he, she, what, or it? Is there one God or many God’s? Plainly stated Greg suggested that it takes faith to believe in both a creator and in evolution.

Grade: Solid B+

Volunteer/Student Involvement: Jeremy and Daniel(students) on the tech board. Jayne, Tina, Kadi, Sherry, Haley(student), Roni, and Laurie lead small group discussions. Jim Phillips joined us for the evening, hope we did not scare him off! The YM band played Strong Tower by Kutless, sounded awesome!!!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Band, Xtreme Life video, and lemonade!

Music Playlist: Strong Tower- Kutless

Favorite Moment: Watching the students engage in conversation, and asking some tough questions. Some tears, so cool to watch as the students comforted and excepted each other!!


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