Overnighter Rewind

10 Aug

Friday August 7th-8th Alive Student Ministries hosted its first Overnighter. This event saw a total of 84 students 15 of which had never been to our church before! The night was filled with fun, food, games, prizes, movies, and best of all no sleep!

Rockband on the Wii was played on the main sanctuary’s 3 big screens over an awesome sound system, and was a huge hit. Students formed 4 person bands complete with band name and rockstar apparel. The students were judged on their score, crowd involvement, and their ability to rock! After the 11 bands were through three were chosen to continue on to the finals. The runners up won In n Out gift cards, while the winners received movie theater cards!

Another big hit was Kajabi Can Can. No students or adults were hurt, although the trash can was decimated!

Many other games were played pitting the different grades against each other. With candy and prizes being thrown into the crowd all night, the students were wired!

There was down time where students got the chance to play video and board games, and just hang out. This was an awesome time for the leaders to hanging out and getting to know the students.

The event was a success due in large part to an awesome group of volunteers:
Rees Hinton, Jon Scalise, Roni Bourgios, Michelle Petz, and Sherry Jordan. Thank you all so much for loving students, and being just crazy enough to stay up all night!!

Photo’s of the night coming soon on my Facebook. We will definitely be doing this event again next year.


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