Camp Reunion

6 Aug

Tonight’s Camp Reunion had a great turn out. It was so much fun watching the students see themselves on screen, and cheering on their friends. The video was a little too long, but there was just so much good footage, and I wanted to get every student some air time.

We played a couple of camp games: Mystery Canned Food, and Snooter Shooter(Skittles shot from the nostril for distance.) The games were a hit, what made them fun was some of the parents were contestants. We gave away the One Minute Bible to the students who played the games.

Being sick is no fun; being sick and trying to speak is the worst! I am not even sure I made sense tonight lol So glad I have some awesome people to do ministry with.


One Response to “Camp Reunion”

  1. Carol August 6, 2009 at 11:12 AM #

    How blessed you are to have a Ministry Partner like Laurie. Her testimony brought tears to my eyes. Her willingness to be transparent and to follow God on the journey will greatly add to God's Kingdom and His work.The Camp Reunion reminds me that "fun" is always a part of Youth Ministry and never far from any experience with you. God is using all of you–your passion, your faith, your patience and your sense of humor.The cat video. In a word "TRUE!"Thanks for the great BLOG

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