HSM Summer Camp Prescott Pines ’09

1 Aug

HSM Summer Camp Prescott Pines ’09

We made it back, tired, bruised, but triumphant! The week was won by the orange team, Alive HSM! It was so incredible to see God moving among the students and leaders at camp. Sharing hopes, dreams, and fears. One student came to Christ, and 8 others rededicated themselves to living for Him!!! I got to pray and cry with some students, and hear how God was speaking to them.
Our speaker was awesome check him out on his Facebook John Heston He really spoke to the students with stories, and some interactive lessons. One of the best nights was the worship night. Students were not to talk, but were offered many different ways to connect with God. Writing their sins in the sand, and whipping them away, writing a letter to God. Through art, reading about the death and resurrection of Jesus, and praying with their leaders. Such an incredible time.
Thank you to all the leaders who gave their time to come and show the love of Christ to these students. You made a difference, and I could not do this thing called youth ministry without you!

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