22 Jul

We’re talking about temptation in our series “Making it Through Minefields.” I don’t care whether you are the most spiritual person in here or the most unspiritual person in here; your life is a walk through a minefield. What do I mean by a minefield? Well, I kind of enjoy August when it comes around, and we get the incoming freshmen and sixth graders in, and they have a lot of this enthusiasm and spirit. They’re all excited about their faith. They’ve got their notebooks filled out, their Christian t-shirts; they are ready to go. Then they step on the high-school or junior high campus, and all of a sudden, these little minefields start popping up, these things that, even though their heart and their mind is set on “Yeah, I want to be a totally committed Christian,” these minefields start blowing up on them. When I’m talking about minefields, I’m talking about temptations. I’m talking about things like drinking; I’m talking about things like sex; I’m talking about stealing; I’m talking about cheating; I’m talking about lying so you look good; I’m talking about smoking; I’m talking about bad habits; I’m talking about addiction to food. Whatever it is, when you hear the word “temptation,” what flashes in your mind? Whatever that is, those are the minefields that really draw us away from our pursuit from knowing the truth and our pursuit of knowing God and being committed and walking the way the Lord wants us to walk. I hope you will join us this weekend for the first in our three week series “Making it Through Minefields.”


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