Things I Should Have Brought To Camp!!

20 Jul

After heading out to my first summer camp since I was in junior high, I realized that there were a few thing that I should have brought! I hope this helps leaders and students to have a better experience at camp.

* Flat Sheet- It was way too hot to sleep in a sleeping bag, and the plastic mattress stuck to my skin, and felt like it was ripping it off every time I rolled over. It also made a horrible noise!

* Fan- No AC, and no air circulation! Ugh….enough said.

* Camelback Water System- This frees up your hands, and allows for some storage. Much better than a water bottle.

* Several Pens- I lost mine on the first day!

* Medical Kit- We had a student get something in his eye, when the camp councilor opened the medical kit, his words were,”Well this is useless!” Camp games seem to be of a “rough” nature, we had many cuts and scrapes. Band-aids, Band-aids, Band-aids!

* Backpack- For off-site adventures.

* Spray Sunscreen- Much easier than lotion, or getting burned.

* Air freshener- Teenage boys….enough said!

* Sun Glasses Keeper- (not sure what they are called) That way you don’t lose them!

* More- Socks, Underwear, Bandannas, cash.

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