Friend First, Teacher Second?

2 Jul

Unfortunately I think there are too many youth leaders like this today. Leaders who want to be friends first, and a role model second…. if at all! Leaders who strive so hard to be accepted by students, and get into their world, who forget that it is their calling to teach these young people. Don’t get me wrong, relationships are so important in student ministry…but we have to remember that we are there to teach, to model Jesus for young people. Teens do not need another friend, they do not need another activity. What they need is Godly men and women, who will model Christ’s love and His word.
So have some fun, build those relationships, but always remember to put Christ at the center of everything. Look for, and don’t shy away from those teachable moments. I have heard it said that we may be the only Jesus someone ever meets.
How are you showing Him?

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