Weekend Rewind

21 Jun

Weekend Teaching Series: Obedience to your Father

Sermon Title: Following God’s Will

Sermon in a Sentence: What happens when we don’t listen to God, and what happens when we do

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 10 out of 10 Missing two leaders, both who run the tech/sound board. The 10 really comes from telling the students I was hired full time at Alive Church. I am super psyched about the new position, but it’s still hard to leave the students I have grown so close to.

Attendance: 18

Service Length: 65min

Understandable Message: Super easy to understand how Fathers both earthly and Heavenly want the best for us. Father’s Day may not be a happy occasion for all people. Some have uninvolved, absent, or deceased fathers. However their is a Father that loves us far more than any earthly father ever could.

Grade: B

Volunteer/Student Involvement: Jamie opening, Melissa game, Alyssa closed us in prayer

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Positive was I think most of the students understand that I am not leaving them, only the ministry at The Rock. I let them know that the ministry will survive, and that I am still here for them.

Music Playlist: Take it All, Tell the World

Favorite Moment: Seeing my student and Adult leader take over the reigns. Welcoming new parents, and students, and encouraging the students


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