Mr. and Mrs. Mmmm Hmmm

15 Jun

Mr. and Mrs. Mmmm Hmmm

Last weekend my wife and I attended a marriage conference. During one of the sessions a couple behind us, would give an audible, “Mmmm Hmmm” to everything they agreed with. After about the twentieth time it got VERY annoying. So we made sure, in the next session, we did not sit in front of them. About 5 minutes into the lesson….”Mmmm Hmmm” I could hear them across the isle and four rows back!!! It made it so hard to concentrate.

To me when someone does this they are saying,”Look at me, I agree with that statement.” Personally I don’t care if you agree with anything the speaker is saying. I am there to learn, and you are being very distracting. Please, be quite and have respect for those around you. If you want a podium, please host your own conference.

Crazy thing is, when we were walking out, the couple was at a booth….they work with Family Life!!!!

Have you had similar experiences with distracting people?


One Response to “Mr. and Mrs. Mmmm Hmmm”

  1. My name: John Garay June 16, 2009 at 11:32 AM #

    Hmmm!… Well!… That's right!… Hallelujer!… Preach it!… Ain't that the truth!!!… I guess growing up in a Pentecostal church, that was the norm. Actually if you weren't joining in with the rest of the congregation, you were considered to be a dead Christian (The term was, you need to get on fire!!!)…. Although I'm not a participant of that denomination anymore, I can say that I've learned to fellowship and learn in almost any type of environment. The church that I'm part of is quite a bit more reserved than my upbringing, but you will here an "Amen" every once in a while. (yeah and it might come from me… ha! ha!) However, I do my best to not call attention to myself. As for those people that sat behind you, they should of respected the environment and the place that they were in. If the environment wasn't a "Holy Roller" worship set up, they should of have known better. Like Paul we need to learn to be like the Romans when with the Romans, etc. (Just my thoughts)

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