Weekend to Remember-Day 2 Session 3

14 Jun

Session Three

Main Theme: What if marriage was about more than just happiness?

Overview: Marriage was designed by God and is defined by God, and is at the center of God’s purpose for mankind

Mirror God’s Image

God joined man and woman together to mirror His image. Gen. 1:27 Both men and women have a piece of what God looks like. Together they complete the image. Matt 19:4-6, John 17:22-23

Couples who mirror God’s image experience oneness in marriage.

Mutually Complete One Another

God designed Marriage to be a companionship

1. First social institution- Adam and Eve were the first marriage, ordained by God.

2. First system of interdependent relationships- Great quote for all you Rocky I fans. Pauly asks Rocky why he is interested in his sister Adrian. “I got gaps, shes got gaps, together we got no gaps.” Great depiction of how couples have different strengths and weaknesses, but together we help each other.

3. It takes priority in the relationship of the family- Your spouse is to take priority over your children. When children see that Mom and Dad are doing well, not perfect, but loving each other and making one another a priority, kids feel secure.

Oneness in marriage is only possible when we consider our spouse before we consider ourselves Phil. 2:3-4

God’s purpose for marriage is challenged by an opposing force

Marital companionship is challenged by:

1. Shame- Gen 3:7

2. Guilt- Gen 3:8

3. Fear- Gen 3:9-10

4. Blame Shifting- Gen 3:11-14

5. Battle for Control- Gen 3:7-16

A Godly legacy is being challenged by a Godless legacy. (The Worlds values) Satan is threatened by couples becoming one, so Satan focuses his major attacks on married couples. Eph. 6:12


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