Weekend to Remember- Day 1 Session 2

14 Jun

Session Two

Main Theme: Communication is Essential

Overview: How we communicate, and understanding how our spouse communicates can bring oneness in our marriage

Communication can be Difficult:

1. Land the Plane- These are communicators the want to find the shortest path to reaching a goal in conversation. They want others to get to the point.


2. Enjoy the Ride- Communicators that think you might as well relax and enjoy the ride, its about the trip not the destination. These communicators throw in side stories in discussion. Unlike the Land the Planer’s who want just the facts, this group loves story telling. They paint a whole picture, including facts and stories that in the Land the Planes eyes are not necessary.

3. Share Your Feelings- Emotions are a part of their thinking. If they are talking about a plane crash, their emotions play a big part into their sharing the story. “I feel so sad for the poor families that lost loved ones in the plane crash. I can’t imagine what they are going through, it breaks my heart.”


4. Just the Facts- This group sets aside feelings for logic, reason and facts. “How many died on the plane, why did it crash etc.”

5. Think out LOUD- They ask questions and make comments while others are still trying to explain, or get something across. Conversation is a group activity for them. They tend to interrupt frequently while you are speaking, and even finish thoughts for you.


6. Lets Take Turns- Conversations are of a you talk, I listen and then I talk and you listen format.

When we are at opposite ends of these styles, misunderstanding can take place. We can help promote healthy communications by adjusting our style to honor each other.

You may have communication habits that need to be broken.

4 Tips for Listening:

1. Give focused attention
2. Listen with acceptance and understanding
3. Ask clarifying questions,; and make clarifying statements
4. Focus on what is being said, not how its being said.

4 Tips for Expressing Yourself:

1. Think before you speak
2. Not everything you are feeling needs to be vocalized
3. Ask to make sure you are being understood
4. Speak in a way that encourages


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