FUEL Recap

4 Jun

Great night last night! We did a Straight Talk format, in which students were give 3×5 cards to write whatever questions they had regarding the Bible, relationships etc. They then dropped the cards in anonymously into our question box. We then read, discussed, and looked up the answers to the questions. They ranged from “Why are there so many cliques?” to “Why does it hurt so much when you breakup?” to “Why are parents annoying, and why do they try to control everything?” Great discussions.

The last question of the evening proved to be one that would take more than 5 minutes. The question was “Why is it wrong to be gay?” I told the students I would blog on this one.

I figured rather than it be from me, I thought I would give you some links to check out:



What bothers me is that we forget that we are all sinners. God hates the sin, but loves the sinner. If we are followers of Jesus, it does not mean that we are not tempted. It means that we choose to not partake in the sin. It’s not the feeling, it’s the action. That’s what repenting means, not just saying in prayer that you have sinned and you are sorry. But actually turning away from the sin.

Many Christians forget that Jesus hung out with the sinners, and although He did not agree with what they were doing, He loved on the person.

I would encourage you, as a follower of Jesus, to truly follow HIM. Love the sinner, hate the sin. Remember YOU are a sinner too, and that Jesus loves you, forgives you, and wants your relationship with Him to be a strong one.

If you are in a homosexual relationship, and want out. Please contact me. We have Christian counseling available, and it will be discreet.


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