Weekend Rewind

30 May

Weekend Teaching Series: Roots of Our Faith

Sermon Title: Our Roots

Sermon in a Sentence: If our roots are deep into Him, we will grow, and not wither.

Bible Verses used: Colossians 2:7, 1 Corinthians 6:19, 1 Corinthians 15:14, Romans 12:5

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 6-10 Room was setup, so cool!!

Attendance: 25

Service Length: 65min

Understandable Message: I think it was a bit heady, but they understood the main points. We ran out of time, so we will pick back up next week.S

Grade: Solid B+

Volunteer/Student Involvement: Tech, games, kidnapping of new 6th graders for Promotion Sunday, tear down

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Sent three student leaders into Kids Rock, they blindfolded the newly promoted 6th graders, and lead them into our class. They were brought up front, and were welcomed with cheers as they removed their blindfolds. Powerpoint game and lots of candy were a hit.

Music Playlist: Tell the World, I am Free, We Shine

Favorite Moment: The whole service was awesome, just a very cool energy in the room. So awesome to have new faces in the group!


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