Pixars UP

29 May

Run Time 96min

Rated G

4 out of 5 stars

Carl Fredricksen always dreamed of adventure as a boy. Dreaming of following in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Charles Muntz, and exploring South America. Carl promises his childhood sweetheart Ellie, that someday they would explore South America together and make it there home. Decades later, after the lose of his wife Ellie, 78 year old Carl, embarks on an their adventure.

Carl fills thousands of helium balloons that lift his house of its very foundation and the adventure begins. Carl soon discovers an 8 year old stowaway named Russel who make their adventure exciting!

This movie has something for the whole family. What I loved most about it was the love that Carl had for Ellie. In the end, Carl discovers that he did fulfill his childhood promise of taking Ellie on the adventure of a lifetime…..the adventure was their marriage.

This movie entertained our whole family from age 3-38. Go see it this weekend!


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