Why notes in church?

20 May

In today’s sessions of PDN Conference, Pastor Rick talked about why have outlines, or notes for your congregation? Here are the top 8 reasons to consider having notes/outlines.

Why Notes?

1. Increases attention- When people have fill-ins, they are more likely to listen so they do not miss the answers.

2. Increases retention- We lose close to 90% of what we learn as soon as we walk out the door.

3. Increases participation- Using notes/outline allows you to have the congregation read scripture out loud, and all have the same translation!

4. You cover more scripture in less time-
Bottom line, you lose time waiting for people to turn to a passage in their Bibles.

5. Review message for years to come-
It allows people in your church to review the sermon for years to come, or even later that day to increase the retention (See #2)

6. Basis for small group discussions-
Small groups can take the notes and go deeper in the word and their discussion

7. Multiple translations-
This will alleviate the problem of everyone reading from different translations.

8. Unbelievers don’t bring Bibles to church-
Even if they did, they may not know where Psalms is located. Save them some embarrassment and bring them right to God’s word!

Notes/outlines, using a big screen, video clips, music, skits, personal stories. The more things you can use the more likely you are to reach more people.


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