Weekend Rewind

17 May

Weekend Teaching Series: Thirsty Week 1

Sermon Title: Is Your Soul Thirsty?

Sermon in a Sentence: We all get physically thirsty, can we get spiritually thirsty?

Bible Verses used: Isaiah 55 and John 4

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 6 out of 10. Fairly easy weekend, some new things with the sound board, iPod, and moving through slides all done by student tech.

Attendance: 18

Service Length: 62 min

Understandable Message: I think this was geared more towards the believer. I think that it went over some of the younger students heads.

Grade: Solid B I think that we could have tailored it more for the seeker, but all in all a pretty solid sermon.

Volunteer/Student Involvement: Student run games, sound board, and close in prayer. Very cool, I think this really gives ownership to the students, and they do a fantastic job!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Game- We did two games, one was a slide show game with 3 teams, on how well you know soda trivia. Followed by a one on one, male vs female saltine eating contest. Followed by questions about thirst. Great intro into the message.

Music Playlist: Tell the World, Mighty to Save, We Shine

Favorite Moment: Seeing some of the more reserved students getting involved in the games, and interacting with others. One student is going to get baptized next month!

Video Used:


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