Is the Cat in Your Cradle

15 May

This weekend I will get to have some one on one time with my daughter Ryan. I am really looking forward to playing XBox on the big TV, and going out to dinner on a date, playing at the water park, and just hanging out together.

I started to think why I don’t do this all the time? Why does it take my wife taking some of the kids to Phoenix for me to spend some quality time with them?

What I found was not the most refreshing thing. There always seems to be something else to do. Something that at the moment seams more important at the time. Does this hit home with anyone else?

“Daddy, will you come outside so I can ride my bike in the street?”
“Daddy, can we play video games?”
“Daddy, getchu on the floor?” (My 3 year old wanting to wrestle)

Maybe these are not the same word for word requests, but they all shout the same thing…”Daddy will you spend some time with me?”

The usual replies follow:
“Not right now, maybe later”
“Honey I am really tired”
“I need to get this done”

What it shouts to a kid is, “I have more important things to do than to spend time with you.”

That may sound harsh, and there maybe times when you are tired, or there is a deadline to be met… But at what cost?

There will come a time when my kids will be to busy for me. With there own deadlines, commitments, and families. I should be taking every opportunity to use this time wisely. (Think Cat’s in the Cradle) I know I need to spend more time with my kids, and less time on “stuff”.

How about you?


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