Why bother?

7 May

Last night at Fuel(our High School Small Group) a question was brought up. If God knew Adam and Eve were going to sin, why did He even bother creating everything He did. Why did He create them when He already knew they were going to let Him down? To my surprise many students were also struggling with this question.

We went around the room and allowed the students to wrestle with this thought. One analogy was brought up about architect who builds a building. It’s a beautiful building, yet he does not know who will move into it and what will become of it. Will the tenants trash it, will they knock it down and build something else? That’s not what the architect is concerned with. His concern is creating a building.

I thought that was pretty good for the creation of the world. But what about people? God created us to be with Him and He gave us free will. But if He knew we would let Him down why even bother? This is where they got stuck. No one could figure out why God would create someone knowing that they would let Him down, or sin against Him.

It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit works so quickly. I began to think of my own relationship with my kids as their father. I love my kids, but they don’t always honor me in everything they do. They don’t always love me the way I would like them to. Our relationship is not exactly how I envision it to be(kinda like the Brady Bunch). However, I love my kids, even though they are not perfect. Even though we do not have a perfect relationship all the time. Even knowing this now, I would not change the fact that I chose to have them. It would not keep me from having other children.

I think it’s the same with our relationship with our Father in Heaven. We are not perfect. Even as believers, we let Him down. We fail, we sin, we don’t love Him with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. He knew that we would not be perfect, but He chose to create us, and love us anyway. If He had wanted perfection, He would have created robots. What He wanted was relationship, so He created us.


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