Another Year Older

5 May

Another year Older, Another year Wiser?

As I turn 38 this year, I reflected on what I have learned this past year. These were NOT well thought out, but rather things that were on my heart when I wrote this. Thank you Lord for all you have done for me, all that you have taught to me, and for loving me like you do.

Things I have learned this past year:

  1. I have learned that my stuff is not really MY stuff. It all belongs to God, and He can take it back whenever He feels like it! We say yes God its all yours take it all I want more of you. Do you really believe that? After this past year, I sure do. I don’t know what the next year will bring, but I do KNOW it’s all His, and all I want is more of Him.
  2. To really take a look at your priorities. I had them listed out for a long time, but it took a brother to tell me that I was not living them in the order I stated. God, Family, Ministry, and down from there. By looking for jobs only in this area, I was putting my ministry before my family without even realizing it. I have expanded the search to other states. Where ever you want me God.
  3. That full time youth ministry is where I am being called to. It will definitely not make me rich monetarily, but my treasure is in Heaven!
  4. To have more patience. Having a 3 year old boy, and being home with him full time for 5 months can really test your patience.
  5. To love my wife more deeply than I ever have before.
  6. That I need to be teaching to my kids what I am preaching to my students. Taking the time to share with my kids lessons of the Bible through teachable moments.
  7. To watch what I watch. I have let go of many of the tv shows that used to consume me. Shows that were not honoring to God. I am not talking porn! However, some of the comedy shows that I used to laugh at are just not something I wish to dishonor God with.
  8. That churches need to have fellowship. This past year I have met some of the coolest youth pastors! We have done some events as youth groups, and we meet as leaders. It’s not about this is my church and that is your church. Its about One Church, serving One God, with One Kingdom mindset.
  9. That gossip among believers can really hurt the body of Christ.
  10. How amazing it is to have a God like I do, that HE could use a sinner like me, to make a difference in His Kingdom.

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