Too Honest?

24 Apr

Well I have been on the job search now since Dec 4th 08. I have had so many different types of companies turn me down for many different reasons. This morning it hit me. Maybe, just maybe, could it be because I put on my resume that I am a youth pastor at my church? A decade or two ago this would have been seen as a good thing. He will be honest, on time, care about others etc. etc. Now in the days of politically correctness, could the tides have turned? We are afraid that he will be preaching during work, that he will be too honest when it comes to inventory etc etc.

I am really taking a close look at this…does it mean I am going to take it off of my resume? NO. I am a believer in Jesus Christ, I will not deny Him by my life style, words, or on paper. We have about 30 days left until money runs out. I have applied for jobs at Cox Communications, Target, and yes even Walmart. I know that God will provide. My prayer is that someday I will be able to work in ministry full time. It is my passion, and where God has gifted me. Until then, Walmart? Subway? Paper route? Dog Walker Extraordinaire? What ever it takes, but I will not deny Him.


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