Gospel Journey Maui Week 4 Updates

20 Apr

Dear Parents,

This week we will be discussing the question: Why are there so many religions? Our main emphasis will be
on the fact that Jesus claimed to be God and the Bible has unique and supernatural features in terms of its
development and fulfilled prophecies. These facts make Christianity unique among all religions and make a
convincing argument for it being the only true way to God.
Suggested activities:
• Take a few hours out on a weekend as a family and visit other places of religious worship (Mormon Stake
Center, Buddhist Temple etc.). If possible, call ahead and ask about a guided tour. Use the opportunity to
discuss the key difference between Christianity and other religions.
• Have a mock debate where a few family members believe all religions can be right and the others believe
that Christianity is the only true way to God. Appoint a judge and whichever side ‘wins’ gets a reward (i.e.,
extra dessert, day off from chores, etc.).
Talking with your teen about their spiritual questions can help them find answers to unresolved issues they
may be wrestling with and will allow them to plant their faith in Jesus on firm ground. If you come across
questions you don’t know how to answer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and I’ll do what I can
to point you toward helpful resources that will allow you to dig deeper.

Your youth leader,

Chris Harkins


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