Bulls Eye Living Week 2

20 Apr

This weekends message is a real important one when it comes to your life. Not only do I pray that you understand what I’m talking about on Sunday, but that you take a little time to answer some of the following questions. Your answers, combined with God’s Spirit working in your life, could change your life forever.

How do you determine what’s really important to you? Think through a few of these questions:
• What do I value the most?

• What are the things that matter the most in my life?

• What type of person do I want to be?

• What words best describe me?

• Am I living a life that reflects what I really value?

• What do I want written on my tombstone?

• What values do I want to be remembered by after my life is over?

• How does God fit into my values?

• Are my values consistent with God’s values?

• Can people see my real values in how I live my life?

Wow! These are tough questions. I encourage you not to let this week slide past you without taking some time to evaluate your life and what you value. Growth and change is tough. Don’t give up on this!

I believe in you!

Chris Harkins
Youth Pastor


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