Student Leadership Conference

14 Apr

It will be here before you know it! Whether you have student leaders, or would like to get some of your students leading, you wont want to miss this conference We took a group of students to the conference at Saddleback Church, in California, for 4 days. The students that we came back with were not the same as the students we took. I mean on the outside they looked the same, had the same social security number, finger prints, and DNA. But, on the inside, they were changed. Everyone that we took to the conference came back with a renewed vision, and purpose for what God had gifted them to do. Now one year later our church is still reaping the rewards of the training that they received at the PDYM Student Leadership Conference. This year we plan on taking several new leaders as well as ones who experienced the conference last year. So take a moment, talk to your students, its not always the most popular or vocal that make the best leaders. Most times, its the students that are at your group faithfully, who arrive early, stay late, and are always looking to help. I am so grateful for the PDYM Pastors/Volunteers/Mentors that make this event happen. Our ministry would not be as healthy as it is today, if it were not for the training we received through PDYM SLC.


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