Gospel Journey Maui Week 3 Updates

13 Apr

Dear Parents,

This week in youth group, we will be watching part two of What is the purpose of life? from Dare 2 Share’s
GOSPEL Journey Maui. During the video, the cast members are challenged to spend some time journaling
their thoughts about their life’s purpose. We’ll be listening to each cast member share their view of their
purpose in life. We’ll be ending this week’s youth group meeting with a journaling activity of our own.
You can encourage your son/daughter to continue journaling in the weeks to come as we meet for the
GOSPEL Journey Maui DVD series. Also take some time to discuss the following questions related to this
week’s lesson with your teenager. Be sure to share your own answers to these questions. Teenagers love to
hear from adults, especially their parents.
• Share a time when you felt something you owned or did had no meaning for you. What was it and
how did you feel?
• Share with each other what you feel your purpose in life is.
• What would your final words in life be if you had the chance to write them down?

Your youth leader,

Chris Harkins


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