Gospel Journey Maui Parents Update Week 2

5 Apr

Dear Parents,

Raising teenagers in our overly busy world today can be challenging. Choosing the right college, who they
date, which career path and which school activities to pour time into sometimes get in the way of teen’s
growing deeper in their faith.
In youth group this week, our topic from GOSPEL Journey Maui Episode 2 asks the question “What is the
purpose of life?” Now I know what you’re thinking; “That is a heavy question for anybody to answer, especially
teenagers.” Our scripture this week comes from Ecclesiastes 2:1-11. Solomon spent his life searching for his
purpose and no matter what he did or what he owned he never found true satisfaction.
Spend some time this week discussing the following questions with your son/daughter.
• Ask your teenager to share what they have learned from this week’s GOSPEL Journey Maui session.
• How can we as parents help you use your time and energy to glorify God?
• What can we do as a family that will build onto God’s Kingdom?
We’re enjoying the journey!
Your youth leader,

Chris Harkins

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