Gospel Journey Maui Parents Update Week 1

1 Apr

Dear Parents,

Our youth group is about to launch into a new nine-week spiritual reality series called GOSPEL
Journey Maui. This DVD-based series is all about real questions and real conversations. Seven young
strangers with very different spiritual worldviews and a Preacher/Wannabe-Surfer hung out for a week in
Maui, diving into life’s biggest questions: Is there a higher power? What is the purpose of life? What happens
after we die? And more… Ultimately it boiled down to this: Can everyone be right? Each episode follows the
cast on their journey to discover the truth.
As we dive into the first episode this week, take some time to interact with your teen about what they are
viewing and experiencing. This week we’ll be focusing on the question: Is there a Higher Power?
Below, you’ll find some ideas for activities to do as a family this week and also some discussion questions.
Feel free to use as few or as many as you’d like as you engage your teen in spiritual conversation.
Parent/Teen Activities
• Make a point of having dinner together. Have everyone bring to the table an object that represents his or
her view of God or a higher power. For instance, this might be a cell phone, a light bulb, a photo, textbook,
and so on. Everyone should take turns describing how this object represents how they see God and why.
Give each other input and finish by saying a prayer together, asking God to show you who He really is.
• Create a “Connections” poster in your home. Using a marker, divide a piece of poster board into
the number of sections as you have family members—plus one. Put each person’s name in a
different section, and “God” in the remaining section (or, if you feel more comfortable with
“Higher Power,” use that). Then, over a span of three or four days, fill in all the boxes; each
person should write compliments, greetings, encouragements, and funny or touching
memories in everyone else’s boxes. You can even tack up pictures, drawings or other
items—whatever you do, the focus should be to acknowledge each other as beloved
family…and friends. Do the same for the final box. Then, after the fourth day, get
together as a family and experience the poster together. Then talk about what it
means—or might mean—to have God as a part of your family.
• Print out a copy of Colossians 1:15-17. Then go experience nature together: go on a
walk, bike ride, hike, or even a car ride. Have someone read the passage aloud, then
discuss how it relates to what’s around you: how can you see the existence of God
in that meadow? What might be God’s original purpose for that tree?
Parent/Teen Discussion Questions
• What’s our faith heritage? In what ways do our history and background support our spiritual lives now?
• What kind of spiritual beliefs are displayed in our family? How are these lived out by family members?
• How often do we talk about faith, if at all? How do we encourage each other spiritually?
• How might our family “get on the same page” in the spiritual sense? What are some specific ideas for
getting to know God together?
Each week’s episode will tackle one of the great questions of life. We are anticipating an abundance of real,
relevant discussion in youth group throughout the series and encourage you to take this opportunity to talk
with your teen about God, faith and Christianity as well.

Your youth leader,

Chris Harkins


One Response to “Gospel Journey Maui Parents Update Week 1”

  1. Pastor Chris April 2, 2009 at 12:22 AM #

    Two students trusted Christ tonight! What an awesome evening. I love these students, they get it!

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